Friday, April 22, 2011

Cancellations Announced - I'm not going anywhere!

For the last week, while thinking about this blog, I was under the impression that it was the last one that I would be required to write. I was trying to decide if I would continue writing it, since I only have a couple followers and have no idea if it actually gets read. Eventually I decided that I would keep doing it. I will probably take more of an informal approach. I’d complain a lot more about specific things that happen in episodes. I’d give quick reviews of beer that I really liked, maybe even just for myself, so I’d remember how good it was in the future. Maybe throw in some quick notes about a cool bar. Nothing major, just somewhere I can complain about or praise things. I’ll probably expand my platform a bit as well. For example, I drink beer every year at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, so I’ll talk about that. I love the Grand Prix and it’s BYOB, so I love the beer. Never having been exposed to any critique over it, I don’t know how good this blog actually is. But either way, writing it has been fun, and the stress of trying to crank out some material that is actually palatable before 11:59 pm on a Friday will go away, making this whole process easier. Once I finally looked at the syllabus I realized I am still required to write another blog after this one…so to stick with the current theme, I am happy to announce NBC has picked up Community for another season, and the last two episodes of the current season both have the words paintball in them. So, if you have never watched Community, watch these last two episodes. The first time Community did a paintball episode it was season one’s Modern Warfare, directed by Justin Lin, the director of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious, and the newest Fast Five (not that his pedigree is a good or bad thing, I just think it worth mentioning). It was one of the best episodes of Community, rivaling their Halloween zombie episode. I don’t know who the director of these next paintball episodes is going to be, but they were special ordered as add-ons. Usually add-ons scare me; NBC hadn’t yet announced that Community was renewed when they ordered them, pointing to season-ending game changers. I am thinking that these will be great, series-ending quality episodes, with the added bonus that we’ll get more next season.

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