Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comedy Night Done Right - All Night

NBC once again brought out the "Comedy Night Done Right" slogan and this time added "All Night" to the end. Three hours of prime-time comedy floats my boat farther than crappy lawyer-housewife-doctor drama garbage any day. I'd rather have a couple good laughs than watch some unreasonably fat people lose weight, some jerks get "stranded" on an island with Jeff Probst, or some other jerks back-stab each other for a shot at working for “The Donald”.

NBC really struck gold with Community. The writers always deliver a good story and a lot of great laughs. I’m not sure of CBS’s reasoning with moving The Big Bang Theory into the same time slot. It hasn’t seemed to affect Community’s ratings that much but since it can’t help I hope they crash and burn for it. The premiere of Perfect Couples was on right after. I probably would have watched either way because its CBS competition, $#*! My Dad Says, is total garbage. The Office is comic genius. I hate/like Michael Scott so much that I can’t not watch. I'm not sure how the show will go on, or if it should, when he leaves before the season finale. After The Office was Parks and Recreation. The ratings will tell you that it’s great, but when you’re riding the coat tails of The Office and leading into 30 Rock, it’s hard not to have good ratings. 30 Rock is such a good show that it should make other comedy shows wish they didn’t have to follow it, which brings us to Outsourced. I guess they are really lucky they do follow; maybe people just don't turn off their TVs. This show reminds me a lot of Scrubs, only in that I am embarrassed I watch it but don't make an effort to stop.

This brings us to the beer. By 10:30, Outsourced can seem pretty funny when you’re drinking Southern Tier’s India Pale Ale. I have seen this beer rated from 6.9-7.3% ABV and this American IPA is one of the better representations of this style. It pours a rich amber shaded orange with a large creamy white head. You can smell the citrus hop aroma as soon as you move it near your lips. The mix of grapefruit and citrus flavors, a bit of pine, and hop bitterness isn’t too strong as to turn you off, but definitely enough to remind you that this is a strong American IPA, and one I would definitely recommend.

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