Friday, February 4, 2011

The Bitter Taste of...Chocolate?

NBC’s Thursday night line-up once again crushed the “competition” from the other networks. I’m not going to rave on and on about how great Community’s Dungeons and Dragons themed episode was. I’m also not going to talk about The Office foreshadowing Michael leaving by having him finally get together with Holly. You watched it. You know what happened. Or at least you should have watched it because every show that night was great.

What wasn’t great were the commercials. There have been a few commercials in rotation over the last month or so that just plain bug me. The opening scene of DIRECTV’s “You’ll be super busy” commercial, depicting a town in crisis because the super hero is too busy watching TV, is the worst. It shows a scruffy criminal on look-out during a bank robbery. This guy is wearing tinted welding/brazing goggles. These are not some steam-punk retro-futuristic night vision goggles; these are straight-up dark goggles--at night--ridiculous. Second is the Chex-Mix commercial advertising movie night for the neighborhood kids. The movie? Nosferatu. As a fan of old horror this is awesome, but seriously, you would have to be kind of crazy to show this movie to the local kids. Lastly, Chrysler declaring that for the past five decades cars were not classy and that style has disappeared is ludicrous. The idea that the only way to once again arrive in style is in a new Chrysler is just insane. It’s almost as if they have never ridden, or even seen, anything from Europe. Even the Japanese with their luxury brands fabricated for the American market have Chrysler beat. Giving us watered down rehashes of Mercedes Benz platforms that you luckily got as a parting gift when Daimler-Benz realized you were worthless is not innovation.

Maybe I am just bitter, like the beer I am drinking. Dogfish Head’s Theobroma is a great concept. Every beer in their “Liquid Time Capsule” series is great in concept. By using a molecular archaeologist to decipher what chemical compounds are present in ancient pottery and then using that information to create a drinkable beer is a great way to kind of see what our ancestors were probably drinking. You can definitely taste everything Dogfish Head put in the beer. From the dry bitterness of the cocoa nibs to the mild heat from the ancho chilies after each mouthful, it is interesting to see what the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures drank. Howeve, it is not something I can recommend unless you are really curious. At $14/750ml, it wouldn’t be bad for the curious to split with a friend. Since I had a hard time getting through the entire bottle by myself, it is hard for me to recommend purchasing.

Hopefully with the Superbowl right around the corner the commericals will be top-notch, because I know the beer will be when I drink my Steeler Superbowl favorite, the Black and Gold!

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