Friday, April 29, 2011

House of 1000 Beers Bargain Shelf Rules.

Now that spring is here, seasonal winter beers should be completely off the shelves, distributors should be almost out of spring specials, and summer beers might actually be on the shelves; I haven't checked lately. Instead of making rounds to the local beer distributors, I've decided to spend some time checking out the shelves of House of 1000 Beers. With old stock that doesn't ever seem to go bad, it's like time doesn't touch this place.

I liked it more when House of 1000 Beers didn't try to have class, and they were called 6 & Save. Now that they are House...all I can think of is this:

Either way, this place still has good deals. Six packs to go equal about the same price you'd pay per beer in a case. Some of their stock can get a little old, but if you ignore the fluorescent light coolers and go for the room temperature, dark shelves and cool it when you get home, then you'll be fine. I have never walked into this place and thought it was hot; I'd bet that is it always between 60-68 degrees. While not perfect cellaring temperatures, it's close enough. If you must have a cold beer as soon as possible, then sit in their "tap room" where they have over 30 beers on draft. Again, the draft beer can get a little old too, but the chances of it getting skunked are very slim. I've never had a skunked draft from them and have never paid more than $5 for a pint.

For all of you frugal beer drinkers that don't want to suffer through a case of Coors, House of 1000 Corpse Beers has you covered here too. Right near the entrance they have a shelf of bargain beers - stuff getting old that needs to move out now. You can score 12 oz bottles and cans of pretty decent stuff for $1 and find things that you didn't think existed, like 8% alc/vol blackberry flavored Sparks (judge me if you will, but I am totally going back for it).

I have been pretty proud of past finds at this place, like a one year old bottle of Delirium Tremens. Well I think I might have found the holy grail this time...

They had about eight 750mL bottles of Left Hand Brewing Company's Widdershins, an oak aged American barleywine style ale rated at 10% alc/vol and dated 2007, in the back corner of the top of the bargain shelf, listed at $4 each. I got two because I only had a few bucks on me, but I pretty much have to go back this weekend, and if no one beats me to it, I might just buy them all. When else do you get the chance to buy a good beer, that is already 4 years aged - in near perfect condition - for $4!? I'm probably getting ahead of myself, and I'll have to drink a bottle before I jump the gun and buy them all, but this really seems like a killer find.

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  1. For the record, the 4 year old Widdershins tastes amazing!