Saturday, June 25, 2011

The simple things...

I know, it has been an insanely long time since my last post... but honestly, I haven't tried any exciting beers lately and the summer re-run season is upon us...

Duquesne, The Prince of Pilseners, is finally available in the superior form of can! Yes, I said it, cans are better than bottles. Realize it! You never know how much light might have reached your bottle, contaminating your beer and giving you that horrible skunk smell and flavor. When drinking from the superior can format, you essentially have your own tiny keg, and everyone agrees that draft beer is better. So, Cans>Bottles. It's that simple....

Remember, when you have to pick-up a case of beer for that weekend camping trip, or family cook-out, or maybe a day at the park, or just sitting around getting drunk...nothing will do you better than The Prince of Pils! It's the perfect summer beer. While an ice cold Weiss might sound nice, the Price of Pils will give you the chills... or something.. whatever, I should get a free case of beer for this...   but at only $16.99 for a 30-pack of 12 oz cans (or you could waste that same $16.99 for 24-12 oz bottles) I'm not going to complain, it's one of the best decent beer deals going!

I wish they'd bring back the old school one at top left, just so we'd all have to carry can openers

Also, check out this link 
I found it while searching for pictures of the newest Duquesne beer can style. I highly doubt they did this on purpose and love the PR spin. 

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